Bismillah. Nabi Muhammad SAW.

So many questions that being asked. One of the favourite query is “Why I must buy Gold?”

Dear Sir or Madam, we dont ask you to buy, we just want you to convert some of your money into Gold Bar.


SK “Ok you want to know why?, let me explain, the value in your money keep decreasing or depreciate, but the value in Gold in long term has proven the value become double, triple…

Let me explain further.

If you have RM 10,000 today and you put your money in saving account in a bank. Normally your money will grow into double (from RM 10k into 20k) within 90 years. Now we are in the year of 2020, your money will become RM 20,000 in the year of 2110, you have to wait and be patience.  “Are you insane SK, I may not here anymore before 2070, now you ask me to wait until 2110?”

SK ” I dont ask you to wait, but that what you currently do, by dumping all your money into the saving account”. If you lucky enough, you may put your money into Fixed Deposit with yearly return around 3% which approximately 24 years for the money to grow into double.

Now you telling me, it is not advisable to keep money in savings account and FD ?

SK “I dont say that, but in reality, there are better way to safeguard the value of our money for future used. One of the ways is we just need to convert some of our money into gold. But not the jewellery ok. We need to convert into the right size of Gold Bar.

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Shamsuddin Kadir has written a book for Gold. ‘Beli Emas’. Buy Gold, you can order it online Insyaa Allah.

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